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由於『YMIR』與 台灣代理商『遊戲王科技有限公司』都非常重視遊戲和服務的品質,這次來台的吳先生不只是在幫忙測試遊戲內容,協助『遊戲王科技有限公司』的技術支援部門編寫GM手冊,還開了兩個星期 〝如何成為頂級GM〞 的速成班。《神域Online》未來的GM藉由線上遊戲經驗豐富吳先生的大駕學習到許多專業知識。

為維持《神域Online》上市後的遊戲品質,『YMIR』與吳先生同意以後如果需要支援服務,他會義不容辭再(數)次來台 (其實原因是 :「台灣的女生真的很美」)。

26 October 2006

《Shen-Yu Online》Korean GM’s visit to Taiwan for final internal testing.

In order for《Shen-Yu Online》to achieve its high-level of stability. YMIR (the Korean developing company) sent its head GM Mr. Oh, to Taiwan to proceed with the final stages of internal tests. According to Mr. Oh, his comment with regards to this fist trip to Taiwan is “Taipei is very interesting!”  

Since YMIR and Yosiwang Technology Ltd. are both devoted to providing a high standard online gaming experience, Mr Oh’s duties in Taiwan are not only just to test the software, he is to assist the Technical/Customer Services department in finalizing their GM manual and also lecture a 2 week class for 《Shen-Yu Online》’s GMs on “How to be a top GM”. Mr. Oh shared a lot of his professional advice and guidance with the staff at Yosiwang Technology.

In order to maintain the high standard of《Shen-Yu Online》in the future, YMIR and Mr. Oh agree that if assistance is needed, he will be more than happy to oblige for further visits. (But we know, the truth is “Taiwanese girls are really pretty”).
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