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[公會]美版Oversea Asians Guild公會收人

Oversea Asians Guild(OAG)
各位大大好 這個工會是小弟及友人創的
如果有大大或者是新手想加入的話 歡迎加入~^^
這個盟是專門為在外國唸書 或者各種因素而在美國伺服器玩的
如果大家想要一起聊天打屁的話 或者需要幫忙等等
雖然我們現在人還很少 但相信不久人會越來越多
當然不只是台灣人 我們歡迎各種亞洲人加入 謝謝
工會盟友之間應當盡量幫忙 但是為了以防一些貪小便宜的人
所以找要盟友幫你跑路或MISSION最低需付50G or 100G
不能白目 不能是騙子
最後希望大家長上線 聊天打屁
欲加入者請密Slave Joe或是Blood Hunter Jack
     ~副會長 Joe

Oversea Asians Guild(OAG)
Well... hello everybody!
As the guild name says, this will be mainly aimed at oversea Asians.
Since my english is better than Joe, therefore I am typing the English version. lol!
Anyway, this guild has being created by myself and my friend Joe.
This guild will be recruiting any Asian players who may be studying oversea or any other purposes that has made you being playing in American server.
So anyone from Asia will be welcome to join and mess around with us or get help within the guild.
Guild Rule:
Guild members should be helping each other as much as possible.
However, to prevent some people that would take massive advantage of this, so anyone who needs a runner for quest or mission will need to pay at least 50G or 100G depending on the difficulty of such quest or mission.
Don't cheat and don't be unethical on doing things either to guild member or other players.
If wanting to leave the guild, please inform us beforehand.
Guild members will be kicked out if not online over 1 month.
Anyone asking for gold or armor or weapon will be kicked, unless someone is willing to give voluntarily.
Finally, hope everyone will be online often to chat and mess around with us! lol
Anyone that would like to join please wisper Slave Joe or Blood Hunter Jack
      ~Guild leader JACK

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回覆: [公會]美版Oversea Asians Guild公會收人

唔... 我的幽靈公會是歐版的, 雖然我在玩美服...
有興趣改版後來個聯盟嗎? XD

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回覆: [公會]美版Oversea Asians Guild公會收人

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